my camera is in rehab at the moment so I use my iphone as you might have noticed ...

some photos that I took today

I was at school today

Im tired of it already

Im allergic to people

especially teenagers

like me

but im not like them


can someone give me a big house into the deep russian woods with a big garden full of cherry trees

cuz I can't stand this

I want to run away and never come back

never miss

never regret

I live in the wrong place

wrong time

I laugh out tears.....................

Postat av: heather

oh lady you sound like meeeeee you're not alone !

2010-08-24 @ 19:06:39
Postat av: heart in a cage

I know exactly what you mean. I REALLY don't want to go to school next week. Boring classes and phony people...

Postat av: Ellen

Buda en resa på tradera med sj till göteborg så får du bo hos mig!

Jag bor inte i Ryssland, men i ett hus nära en skog! kom kom kom. jag vet inte vart jag ska ta vägen här i stan, bara driver runt.

2010-08-24 @ 20:47:25
Postat av: ju

you have no idea what I love your looks :)

and your blog too really

amazing !!! love thoses pants and boots

by back of the one

2010-08-24 @ 20:59:01
Postat av: ju


i feeling the same whit collage people


i'm tired to do the same everydays and see them stupid things fuck of

2010-08-24 @ 21:01:07
Postat av: emma

if you need an osloweek- comecome. i have a small room and you can sit here all by yourself while i am at school. if i go.

2010-08-24 @ 21:16:36
Postat av: alicia

hm rysk skog? med alla skogsbränder i ryussland mena jag..?hehe..

jag tror alla i din ålder känner sådär också så

2010-08-24 @ 21:58:00
Postat av: oliwia

dear, i feel your pain. i'm starting high school next week and i can assure you that polish sixteen-year-olds are the worst on the planet Earth. all fake wayfarers, skinny jeans, justin bieber haircut, coloforful nike shoes, the skins tv series, and "YEAH PARTYYY". and probably going to be the only person in school who doesn't smoke cigarettes. so nonconformist of me, huh?

2010-08-24 @ 23:57:27
Postat av: maya

ha ha take me with you

2010-08-25 @ 07:46:08
Postat av: Lissy

That is why I just left University.

That is why I never finished highschool...hahaha

2010-08-25 @ 15:22:47
Postat av: alicia

yaya ville bara påpeka att rysslands skogar håller på att brinna upp alltså ´maan

jo okej, näe det vet jag ju inte, har aldrig ens träffat dig:)

2010-08-25 @ 16:16:23
Postat av: alicia

jaaa det är ju bra!!!1

2010-08-25 @ 17:07:53
Postat av: Shae I'm fine with learning once in a while but I hate the whole people thing! teenagers suck. even though i'm one. All of us that feel this way should start a group and go to the same school ahaha ;)

You inspire me so much, you took the words about school right out of my mouth

2010-08-25 @ 20:12:39
Postat av: heleen

Are you still in high school? Because it gets better afterwards, once you have the freedom to hang with the people YOU choose and aren't forced to be surrounded by philistines and pussycat-wannabes

2010-08-26 @ 12:59:27
Postat av: s

I was at school today

Im tired of it already

Im allergic to your political views

especially yours

like you

but im not like you

thank God

2010-08-26 @ 17:50:38
Postat av: miriam

s- haha stå upp för det du säger istället, patetisk att gömma sig bakom datan...

2010-08-26 @ 18:27:41
Postat av: s

eftersom jag är en av de få som inte har en blogg att länka till så vet jag inte riktigt hur jag ska göra för att inte vara anonym?

skaffa egna åsikter istället för att gömma dig på andras, är mitt råd!

2010-08-27 @ 23:06:30
Postat av: s

ursäkta min dåliga svenska, bakom menar jag, inte på.

inte alltid så lätt när man inte är svensk.

2010-08-27 @ 23:07:39
Postat av: kelsey

FACT: we think the same. I laughed when you wrote that you're allergic to people -all along i've been saying i'm a people person but I hate people-now I'll just use what you say haha.

i always want to quit school AND runaway.

and sometimes I think I live in the wrong time, and definitely the wrong place.


2010-08-31 @ 04:21:20
Postat av: miriam

s- jag bryr mig inte om du har en blogg eller ej, men ett namn har du! har inte lust att svara eller diskutera med någon som gömmer sig och inte vågar stå upp för sina åsikter. onödigt och sjukt omoget med pajkastning. tillsist, jag behöver inte skaffa mig egna åsikter för det har jag redan

2010-09-01 @ 19:22:31

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