happy Saturday

been awake since 5 am

no sleep tonight

I hate this

my stomach pains are killing me!!!!.

its almost like the pain is permanent 

I ate sour milk with corn flakes and raisins....

looked out the window

try to think of something else

why is it that

when the mind tries to heal the physical start to bleed

and right now

the stomach pains are getting worse

I love my life..

Postat av: Ellen

Hej hopp Miriam!

Gick upp halv nio i dag, haha, rekord sedan jag hoppade av. Dricker earl grey med socker, lyssnar på musik.

Har också ont i magen, helt utan anledning, irrrrriterande!

Håller du på och julstökar nu?


2010-12-18 @ 10:17:30
URL: http://guselleni.wordpress.com/
Postat av: ellio100

i hope you're ok, it sounds like you're not. feel better soon.

2010-12-20 @ 11:55:55
URL: http://ellio100.wordpress.com
Postat av: mizuki

bby what's wrong? i remember when i was going through some tough times a couple years ago all i felt was this numbing ache in my stomach. i hope youre not going though the same thing. cheer up i wish you the best

2010-12-20 @ 18:17:08

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