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Good morning..

Postat av: Alexander

It's evening here, but good morning anyway!

2010-12-27 @ 06:21:58
Postat av: miriam

Alexander- really? do you live in california? the clock is 06:30 am here..

2010-12-27 @ 06:31:06
URL: http://wedgeheel.blogg.se/
Postat av: Alexander

No, New York. I didn't realize what time it was. I guess I can say good morning.

2010-12-27 @ 06:56:32
Postat av: miriam

Alexander- Yeah I saw that now :)

2010-12-27 @ 08:00:56
URL: http://wedgeheel.blogg.se/
Postat av: Alexander

Saw what? Can you get the ip address of comments or something?

2010-12-27 @ 16:52:59
Postat av: Anna


2010-12-27 @ 16:59:31
URL: http://annanosslin.tumblr.com
Postat av: miriam

Alexander- Yes, the adress and everything hehe

2010-12-27 @ 18:12:52
Postat av: Lala Jr

Like so much your blog, lovely!!

I'm a new follower, Lala xo

2010-12-28 @ 16:06:07
URL: http://www.fashionistawearsCHANEL.com

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