julian assange

hello everyone................

im still alive

this is what im doing right now................ eating eggplant stew with lots of brown rice and watching "Wikileaks - the leak as a weapon", very interesting!!

Postat av: bruno k.

hey girl u are my favorite! :)

what are you think about taylor momsen?

2010-12-13 @ 04:14:14
Postat av: sara

hej !

vilken fin blogg du har . Hoppas du har haft en bra dag?

2010-12-13 @ 15:37:23
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Postat av: Marc A.


Crazy world, you was in my dream last night.

And wikileaks... I hope, the don't loose their courage, what happens to Julian Assange seems to be something like a witch-hunt, version web 2.0.

But it is hard to tell the right view from the wrong point... noone knows all the details.


Marc A.

2010-12-13 @ 17:41:54
Postat av: Alexander

This is an article I just read last night about the Wiki-leaks headquarters. It is a bunker 30 meters under Stockholm. http://www.archdaily.com/95432/architecture-of-wikileaks/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+ArchDaily+(Arch+Daily)&utm_content=Google+Reader

A very ominous looking place, no?

2010-12-13 @ 18:10:52
Postat av: Robine

Jag tittade också på den dokumentären igår. fruktansvärt intressant. Plus att man grät lite då och då när man inte vill tillhöra denna värld!

2010-12-13 @ 18:39:53
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Postat av: miriam

bruno k- aw thank you!!!hih

Marc A- haha no really!? I dreamed that I was being chased..

Alexander- oh I didin't know about that!!!

Robine- jaa..

2010-12-14 @ 07:50:42
Postat av: Carolyn

eggplant stew with brown rice.. sounds healthy and yummy!

2010-12-14 @ 08:08:23
URL: http://heyprettything.com
Postat av: Marc A.

Hm... than it is more than crazy... kind of appalling, cause my dream was something like beeing a fugitive, a confused conspiracy theory... maybe I should go to bed earlier and drink more wine before ;)

2010-12-14 @ 13:06:37
Postat av: miriam

Marc A- hmm dreams are strange sometimes heh... im going to bed now. nighty

2010-12-16 @ 00:11:03

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