im back!

some of my friends don't have access to blogspot so therefore im back here, at

is there any visitors left here?

i promise you now, no-more-blog-swapping-for-me....

that's pretty much it...

no, one more thing

all kinds of feedback/critisim/preferemces appreciates!


Postat av: Ellen

Så länge du bloggar är jag lycklig! Och är smidigare, att de kommer ihåg en så man slipper skriva om om man inte har blogger/vill använda sin blogger. Och känns som du, du är ärligt talat den enda bra som finns på!

2010-07-28 @ 10:34:12
Postat av: Ellen

Men säg var du fick jobb nu! Är det på aa?

2010-07-28 @ 10:46:12
Postat av: Vy

I am definitely still here.

I enjoyed your entries at miriam-assai - is there any way to revive those entries? that diy white dress you made was great. and i enjoyed the outdoor shots as well. excuse me miriam, have you ever thought about adding some colour to your entries?

thanks for sharing these little snippets of your life with us. i appreciate the opportunity to have a look.


2010-07-28 @ 11:33:43
Postat av: SOFI


2010-07-28 @ 13:04:20
Postat av: julia

sv: tack söta du! jag tycker du passar bäst på !

2010-07-28 @ 14:53:05
Postat av: sh


2010-07-28 @ 18:13:02
Postat av: madeleine

ganska bra, bortsätt från gänga av 15 åriga moppekillar ibland,hah

2010-07-28 @ 18:17:30
Postat av: marta

I ll never understand why people send posts to say such stupidity (ill be polite).. .."thought about adding some colour.."..??? comment!

dear M ***from paris

2010-07-28 @ 21:23:07
Postat av: miriam

thnx you all for the comments!

marta- i know what you mean

i try to add some colours but most of the time it dosen't feel like "me" when im doing it and i hate that .....

2010-07-28 @ 21:26:46
Postat av: Leigh

Definitely will continue reading your blog.

I love how you express your thoughts in every post. c:

2010-07-30 @ 16:21:30
Postat av: haylin

i love u!!!!!!!!thank u so much!!!!!!!!! grad u came back!!!! and this is very moving...

2010-08-01 @ 07:50:47
Postat av: Vy

oh i feel like i should rephrase that,

i thought adding 'excuse me' would make it more polite but it probably sounded a bit condescending?

i meant that a few shots with the true colour given by natural light would really allow us to see the world in your corner of the world. i didn't mean to imply that your blog was dull, because it isn't in any shape or form! i'm just curious about how the light falls and adds richness to your colour palette.

thanks for reading.

2010-08-01 @ 11:38:04
Postat av: miriam

haylin this was only for you hehe <3

Vy- ah ok.. now i totally understand what you mean! x

2010-08-01 @ 20:29:17
Postat av: Alexander

I'm <i>very</i> late in commenting, but I just wanted to let you know that not only am I still here (and was before the first switch), but I like this page better than the other one.

Thank you for all the wonderful photos and thoughts, and keep up the food photography.

2010-08-04 @ 01:40:05
Postat av: Alexander

Aagh! My HTML didn't work. I apologize for the "italic" tag on very.

2010-08-04 @ 01:41:43
Postat av: miriam

Alexander- no worries, thank you! x

2010-08-04 @ 01:58:34
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