rei kawakubo

I want a jacket or something that I can ”hide” myself in, feel comfortable and look good in at the same time..  that would probably be my main reason for what I love Rei Kawakubos cdg so much. She think forwards and design after that while a big amount of the designers today look backwards and design after that…. Rei is one of a kind for her impartial desgin in the fashion industry, worldwide.  She creates all of her pieces very emotionally and don’t care what other thinks about it.  I have perceived her as one of those free minded –“ its just a plus that other people likes it” and that’s why I love her, not just for her free mind but for her courage do design outside the box, fashion bubble ect call-it-what-you-want thing. thnx for reading this crap if you did (and please ignore my repeated "love")



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I love your love to Rei K who i love too


2010-07-29 @ 20:24:48

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