Postat av: emma

i never remember my dreams. or, i ca remember them, but that is months after i have dreamt them. or i can go around with the same feeling as i had while i was dreaming, but i don't remember any pictures.

some days ago, a couple of seconds before i fell asleep, i remembered all the dreams i have had which contained trains. it was strange, 7-8 traindreams popped up in my head in a small part of a second. and while i think about these dreams, i remember a lot of other dreams. so fun. i love dreams. new york sounds so good. have you been there? i haven't, but my parents have this i-dont-know-how-we-are-going-to-figue-it-out-but-we-really-want-to wish about moving to ny. i think i would love central park. i love parks. go about an hour every day to get to a huge park on the other side of town.

your blog isn't boring. i always get here when i feel empty or inspirationless. just your "poses"(dont like to call it poses, but..) filles me with thoughts.


2010-06-14 @ 14:40:47
Postat av: emma

i always end up with those mile long comments..

2010-06-14 @ 14:48:41
Postat av: Lissy

Oh! Those last photos, I have that book. It's one of the most beautiful things I own. I found it for $10 in a second hand bookstore...I mean, it's just phenomenal. I adore Paolo's work

2010-06-15 @ 13:55:09
Postat av: matilda

jättefina bilder, båda två, verkligen. tycker bara det är så sorgligt att förändringen av den kroppsliga stereotypen.

2010-06-16 @ 10:10:37
Postat av: sabina

jag tillhör before-kategorin, vad gör man då om man lever nu?

2010-06-27 @ 21:52:51

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