Im fermenting on the kitchen floor right now

just filled my stomach with my homemade sunflower bread that I baked today with raspberry n pomegranate marmalade

foolishly, I had already managed to eat three bowls eggplant casserole before I attacked the freshly baked bread



with no possibility of movement atm

wide awake

will I be awake the whole night.....

lying on the kitchen floor with raspberry seeds between my teeth




Postat av: Alexander

Ugh. I know the feeling. But home-made bread is just so good, you can't stop. And it doesn't taste as good the next day, so you eat another slice, then another, and soon you end up where you are.

That sounds really good.

2010-11-12 @ 06:19:18
Postat av: Ellen

Haha, men shit vad gos grytan låter. Finns att köpa färdig aubergineröra (typ som hummus fast på aubergine gissar jag) men det är någon ägg-grej i. Måste se till att lära mig laga det. Åt en skitgod aubergine-gryta - väldigt mycket olja och krämig - på en persiskt restaurang en gång, med ris och bröd. Mumms!

2010-11-12 @ 09:09:12
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Postat av: laura

Hi Miriam, I don't know if you have written about it before but are you bulimic? You often write about overeating and you have those puffy cheeks that bulimics often have. I use to be bulimic and I know it is so hard! Took me three years of therapy but now I almost never overeat and I NEVER EVER throw up afterwards.

All the best to you!


2010-11-12 @ 16:28:27
Postat av: JL

laura: dont make your personal an universal example

2010-11-13 @ 05:48:36

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