good morning friday!!!

macaroni bolognese leftovers

cold winds

now- off to school

happy friday everyone.....................................

Postat av: lovisa

tack för jackan miriam!

2010-10-15 @ 08:32:32
URL: http://ambivilenten.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Ellen

Fiiiiina bilder! Fint linne, maten verkar god och fina poser (det är roligt med lek med kroppen).

Haha, det är lugnt känner mig lite desperat som slängt upp typ en miljon kommentarer, men man ser ju liksom inte att man lagt upp några så då fortsätter jag.


2010-10-15 @ 09:59:44
URL: http://utfyllnad.wordpress.com/
Postat av: jen

nice pics, hoppas du hade en schööön dag i skolan ; )

2010-10-15 @ 17:26:36
URL: http://www.jenniferlundell.se
Postat av: sophia

wonderful pics

you are so inspiring

I feel so sad to be home alone

on a friday night

but stumbling upon blogs like this

makes me glad

thank you.

oh and what do you do for fun on fridays? going out or home person? :)

2010-10-15 @ 19:15:25
Postat av: miriam

sophia- I think im both. I love going out (with nice people) and at the same time stay home, listen to nirvana and baked haha..

im home right now, eating homebaked bread with long-ripened cheese (love it!! i don't like so much candy etc so sandwiches are like candy to me + african rooibos tea with soymilk and honey hehe:) and watching tv with mom and dad

what are u up to? I hope ur ok!


2010-10-15 @ 22:30:37
URL: http://wedgeheel.blogg.se/
Postat av: sophia

you are sweet

I dont really know

I have been following Daul Kims blog for a while

and felt that I shared a lot of feelings towards life as she did

dont get me wrong, im not a suicidal crazy bitch haha,

I just have a really dark mind I guess.

And I find her really inspiring. so sad that no one reached out to her.

But I love going out too.

But sometimes I need a time out to be alone and just relax. like you :) baking and watching tv with parents are a seriously underrated action haha.

Oh sorry for a shit long answer, keep updating. your blog is one of my faves. Comme des garcons, baking, the 90'es, black n white and vintage everything = does it get any better? hehe no, thank you again!

2010-10-15 @ 23:54:08
Postat av: m

haha, det är verkligen jätte gott med lussebulle :)

jag skulle kunna skicka några till dig men vet inte hur bra det skulle bli...

äppelpaj är ju oxå jättegott :)

och dem där bilderna är jättefina, mer såna.

2010-10-16 @ 00:59:29
URL: http://thelittlepony.blogg.se/
Postat av: Lissy

yumyum yummm

2010-10-16 @ 09:13:46
URL: http://lovely-lissy.blogspot.com
Postat av: Phillipe LeNerd †

oh seet M

i was missing your post!

2010-10-17 @ 18:56:30
URL: http://lenerdfashionproject.blogspot.com/

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