orange and brown leaves. rain. winds. long dark days. lots of baking. write a lot. dream a lot. paint. play with my cats. long hot bath. thick pantyhose. chocolate soymilk. picnic in the living room. countryside. bruising. candles. well worn tshirts. commes des garcons. halloween. waiting for snow. no insects. gravel roads. split pea soup. smell of toasted bread. fall asleep on the couch. play the sims. night walks. platform shoes. soft blankets. goosebumps. tired eyes. cold air. changes. backpack. seventies. photography. doing nothing. hugs. rotten apples. cashew natural. eating donuts on the roadside. surprise. fight. wet asphalt. stuffy. early mornings. silence. polka dot cups. girly lace ankle socks. free vouchers. bare trees. honest people. space. fields. horses. deep forest. leather gloves. croon. long movies. pillows. dirty jeans. muddy shoes. puddle. moonlight. shed leaves. breakfast in bed. grow. tweaking. too big cap. art exhibition. paccheri napoletani. rag rugs. flea markets. smiles

Postat av: Elin

ja höst är fint. fast vinter är finast.

2010-09-21 @ 19:46:05
Postat av: Ellen

låer underbart. kom precis hem från en promenad för att köpa mat (ska laga underbar gryta!) och jag slogs av hur mycket jag älskar hösten, det känns som om man för första gången på länge kan andas på riktigt.

2010-09-21 @ 19:58:18
Postat av: o


2010-09-21 @ 20:02:05
Postat av: maya

this is a beautiful post, stay beautiful please, xx

2010-09-21 @ 20:10:40
Postat av: heart in a cage

beautiful! I posted it on my tumblr(and linked back to your blog ofcourse), I hope you don't mind!;)


Postat av: terra

tis the season.. :-)

2010-09-21 @ 23:44:21
Postat av: James

God you suck, and look like a bloody horse. You and your screwed up opinions, can't you just go hide somewhere?

2010-09-22 @ 00:17:29
Postat av: Vy

Wow James,

That is a bit rich isn't it?

I suggest you "go hide somewhere".

We come here for a reason, because we appreciate what Miriam has to offer on her blog. This little site is a space for her to share her view of the world.

I laugh in your face for saying she looks "like a bloody horse", it is clear from her photos and posts that she is beautiful. I don't understand what would possess you to come here and spew such hate, you are clearly the one with the "screwed up opinions". They are baseless.

Take your personal attacks elsewhere James (if that is even your real name - I doubt it though) or grow a spine and say it to her face. The anonymity of your computer screen will not protect you then!

2010-09-22 @ 02:19:41
Postat av: miriam

heart in a cage - thank you!

Vy- you don't know what ur talking about and you don't know me

James- you don't know me either and what are you doing on my blog if you don't like it? pathetic.. horses are beautiful so thanks

2010-09-22 @ 06:46:00
Postat av: Alexander

I don't remember you mentioning your cats before. Could you post a/some pictures of them?

Still love the blog!

2010-09-23 @ 03:55:07
Postat av: -

to vy.. i guess you dont know that she supports SD and racism and BASELESS hate against Islam

2010-09-23 @ 14:33:20
Postat av: Marc A.


I'm bit shocked. Of course not about your posting, love these thoughts.

But looks like, you've got a few readers, not to be called "well-meaning".

If you need a recipe and a way to get rid of them... just let me know, you've got my mail adress.


Marc A.

2010-09-23 @ 16:55:14
Postat av: Anonym

Marc A, Miriam is a strong supporter of a political party (Sverigedemokraterna) that is known for being racist and islamofobic (and just a few decades ago it was basically a nazi party), so yeah ofcourse people express a lot of disdain for her.

2010-09-23 @ 18:19:15
Postat av: Marc A.


I'm following her blog for more than a year from time to time.

There was no posting ever mentioning anything political.

As long this blog is no political statement and no forum, any form of statements like this are not placed very well.

And, to be honest, I'm no racist, but I'm also a strong opponent of the islamic tendency to fight against freedom of opinion. Like the story round the mohammed caricatures. And I'm supoorting also people fighting against the ruthless iranian regime. And and and...

So, it's a small spine between realist and islamophobic. Unfortunaly, discussions like these supoort the tendency to become islamophobic...

2010-09-23 @ 19:03:18
Postat av: sophi

why are you unnice to readers who support you too?

makes this place so..negative

but maybe thats what you are after

2010-09-23 @ 19:19:06
Postat av: miriam

we are not islamophobic Marc.. I have a big passion for democracy and politic and it makes me so damn sad that people think that we are racists....

2010-09-23 @ 20:36:10
Postat av: Marc A.


More than sad... it is a kind of perversion, if people with democratic intentions are called "racist" and "islamophobic".

It is an very old game, just provocation, to make the freedom of speech look like something bad.

And if arguments like these are coming from a direction, where democracy is not existent at all... than it's hard to stay calm.


Marc A.

2010-09-23 @ 22:03:06
Postat av: bibi

My subconscious self reacted to these words. It is funny how when you write it down you only then see what it means to you. When i started reading the list i realized that fall and winter are my true loves.

2010-09-24 @ 14:44:34

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