Postat av: Anonym

första bilden!!! fiiiiin!

2010-09-03 @ 19:07:48
Postat av: Logan

Hi !

I am Logan. I am the owner and art director of a indie brand, out of Los Angeles.

We love your blog, and we would love to get you some product if you want to post some pictures wearing it. We love the lifestyle aspect of some of your photos, any pictures of you would also be featured on our blog with links back to your blog. Anyways I think this could be an ongoing thing depending on how this works out and it could be a great way to collaborate and help one another out. Lemme know if you wanna get some stuff and we will go from there .. talk soon :)

2010-09-04 @ 06:16:00
Postat av: BackOfTheOne

I'm in love whit your body

2010-09-05 @ 02:56:57
Postat av: miriam

Logan! check your email

2010-09-05 @ 23:41:01
Postat av: Marc A.


I remember my first visit on your blog... you had AA tights on... really a long time ago.

Looking forward for outfits with this ones.. looks comfy enough to be worn often! :)


Marc A.

2010-09-06 @ 21:31:47
Postat av: Hi!!

try the email to get a hold of me... I know its been a long time!!

(also can reach at the Email I included in the section above)

talks soon

2010-12-06 @ 03:04:34

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