gah.. I can barely move a the moment

too much stuffed pasta, red onion pizza, vanilla cup dessert and after that I ate some chicken with rice and 6 ½ large chesse sandwiches with too much butter + too much honey in my african rooibos tea

all this in less than 3 hours last night !!!1

I feel sick

food sick!!

I have no limits when it comes to good food

Postat av: heleen

Sounds sooo recognizable. Late night cravings are the worst.

2010-09-05 @ 11:04:28
URL: http://heleendb.blogspot.com
Postat av: johanna

i feel you. it's actually funny how much tiny people can eat every once in a while.

2010-09-05 @ 11:47:13
URL: http://crookedzone.blogspot.com
Postat av: Lissy

God I'm the same, UGHHH

2010-09-05 @ 12:09:42
URL: http://lovely-lissy.blogspot.com
Postat av: taperjeangirl@live.nl

hahaha you sound like me. I go crazy when it comes to food way too often...:p

Postat av: Margaret Z

haha i understand you so well

2010-09-07 @ 21:02:08
URL: http://margaret-z.blogspot.com

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