im my head

feels like i'm constantly in the wrong place

Postat av: Rickie

aaa nooo why do you keep deleting all your posts, we love them! you are a beautiful person.

2011-04-10 @ 08:31:24
Postat av: 0408pm

i can totally understand you. i wish i'd be somewhere else, too.

2011-04-10 @ 08:44:33
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Postat av: Anoymous

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. And please do come back with outfit post, you are a wonderful human being.

2011-04-10 @ 10:12:11
Postat av: Alexander

I felt like that for the last few weeks, but I'm starting to come round. My advice is just to do something fun, or hang out with someone you love, or at least just stop thinking about it. My other bit of advice is to go outside. Walking or even just sitting outside made me a lot more complete feeling.

And it will go away, even if it takes a long time. Kram

2011-04-10 @ 14:30:57
Postat av: anna

I hope you'll be OK. Good luck and remember you're beautiful. X

2011-04-10 @ 15:59:05
Postat av: m

remember you're beautiful on the inside too

2011-04-10 @ 19:26:15
Postat av: Hischam

What do you mean?

2011-04-11 @ 15:15:42

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