ohh emm gee

bah lazy snacky sunday. eaten one kilo bio organic cashews and sweet raisins, a whole biodynamic organic fair trade something something natureloving peanutbutter jar, eco bananas, one liter soygurt vanilla and butterpopcorn. watching nigellas kitchen right now and are to full to write. fat smile bye

Postat av: JJ

WOW! How come youre so skinny, when you eat THAT much :O impressed!

2011-04-03 @ 19:24:03
Postat av: Elin

Jag blir så glad varje gång jag ser någon äta ekologisk eller organisk mat. haha.

2011-04-03 @ 19:56:29
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Postat av: JL

boulimie! eat a lot + vomit = skinny!

2011-04-03 @ 20:16:50
Postat av: Lova

JL, could you please stop.

jag kållade också på nigella men somnade efter halva. bummer.

2011-04-03 @ 23:20:01
Postat av: Sumi

this blog is same as blogs "pro ana"...in a poetique way.

2011-04-04 @ 02:14:49
Postat av: Anastacia

Wow. That is a lot of food right there.

Nigella makes me feel like home, somehow.

2011-04-04 @ 15:03:42
Postat av: JJ

Well, that explains all..

I'm also very skinny. But I just eat REALLY healthy. But I do have to say, your blog makes me crave cookies etc. haha!

2011-04-04 @ 22:04:52
Postat av: Alexander

So what is it that you have to tell and show us? You got me really curious ;)

2011-04-05 @ 03:14:35
URL: http://catseyephotos.blogspot.com/
Postat av: miriam

Elin- jag med :)

Lova- nä! men som tur så sänds det typ varje dag hihi

JJ- but im not very skinny and i don't eat "just healthy" hehe

Alex- y'll see soon!!

2011-04-05 @ 07:18:06
Postat av: w

kurt died 7 years ago.


2011-04-05 @ 11:27:37
URL: http://trankillement.tumblr.com
Postat av: JJ

I'm confused? Alexander, was your question for me or for Miriam? :) I don't want to tell anything, I was just curious if this was a pro-ana website (gosh I'm so naive am I not?). But well! No offence right. The blogger is beautiful, hope she feels like that herself :)

2011-04-05 @ 18:53:08
Postat av: Alexander

JJ-- My question was for Miriam. In a previous post she mentioned that she had something to show/tell us. Sorry for the confusion.

2011-04-07 @ 14:09:55
URL: http://catseyephotos.blogspot.com

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