slack soul

+ payday tomorrow yay

- wah, i just ate a whole package of cereals (500g) and 1 L soymilk that i bought on my way home from school today. today's lesson! don't eat and watch PLL at the same time!!!!!11 the tv is practically stealing your food

what's yr favorite cereals, if you have one? or two....... and one more thing, have you ever tried froot loops? if so, is it good? cuz im thinking of buying a package but those colorful crunchy sweet donut looks a bit creppy hehe

Postat av: Agnes

jag har inte ätit flingor på år och dar men cheerios kanske. Vad ska du köpa? :)

2011-08-24 @ 20:02:42
Postat av: jenny

Love this!

2011-08-24 @ 20:04:13
Postat av: deerlove

åå du måste testa icas müsli med frukt och nötter. dör vad gott det är. Sen är ju crunchy med yoghurt en given favorit.

2011-08-24 @ 20:43:40
Postat av: Linnea

Äter sällan flingor, men jag gillar coco pops. Gillar choklad, och så blir mjölken god

2011-08-24 @ 20:46:02
Postat av: anna

mmmm ur cereal looks gooood.

and ur shoes! love them

hmm i really like all bran and müsli and granola!

and yes, i've tasted froot loops. i didn't really like it that much thought, remind me too much of plastic and i think its too sweet

2011-08-24 @ 20:57:39
Postat av: miriam

Agnes- flingor som är så gott! :) hehe hemlis!!

jenny- thank you<3

deerlove- tack för tipset

linnea- jaa! älskar också cocopops, barnsligt gott

anna- thanks, the shoes are a bit to big tho.. hehe ok, i won't buy froot loops!!

2011-08-24 @ 21:12:23
Postat av: amanda

snygga skor!! alltså pll är sjukt bra. trodde inte det. så har jag tankat ner alla avsnitten. dör av spänning efter varenda avsnitt.

du borde se filmen flakes. den handlar om flingor. mycket bra film.

2011-08-24 @ 21:51:09
Postat av: t

froot loops is my fav! oh and corn flakes. but DO BUY froot loops!!!!

2011-08-24 @ 22:19:31
Postat av: J

Oh man. Cereal's good.

My favorite is probably Crunchy cereal muesly with dried berries. Or Fitness cereal with those yoghurt flakes. And I always steal the yoghurt flakes and leave the rest to others.

2011-08-24 @ 23:39:59
Postat av: georgia

you should do your own granola! Buy all the favourite crunchies, like plain cereals and musli. and then you peer over applejuice and your favourite nuts and some dark chocolate. and then in the oven for like 20 minutes. it's the best! and don't try the froot loops.. they color your milk into a nasty color (like vomit) and they only taste sugar. I ate all kinds of different cereals when i was in D.C. All the american cereals are dipped in glace. they love glace on everything haha.

2011-08-25 @ 08:47:13
Postat av: Alexander

I literally burst out laughing when I read you asking about froot loops! I didnt realize that you could get such things in Europe. It's been a long time since I had any, but I would say don't get them, unless you just want to see what they're like. As Georgia said they're sickeningly sweet and make your milk weird. In US supermarkets there is a whole aisle, and by that I mean 20m long and shelves 2m high, with just cold cereals. Almost all of them full of corn syrup.

My two favorite cereals are the granola my mom makes (oats, baked in the oven, walnuts, and all kinds of dried fruit) and an organic cheerios type thing.

2011-08-25 @ 17:18:59
Postat av: mizuki

i fuckin love froot loops

2011-08-26 @ 21:59:54
Postat av: shae

My favorite cereal is oatmeal crisp and they taste sooo good in vanilla soy milk.

2011-08-27 @ 07:08:09
Postat av: Lady Vivian Nsiah

start tror jag det heter, me fil såklart

2011-09-04 @ 21:06:09

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