brown banana

I eat between 1-2 kg of fruit every day! wah. Tell me.. what's yr favorite fruit/s??

Postat av: heart in a cage

I hardly eat any fruit... I do really love watermelon though!

Postat av: billie

i loooove fruits, but mostly sour oranges, mango and bananas...oh yum!

2011-02-20 @ 11:21:52
Postat av: Anonym


2011-02-20 @ 11:22:39
Postat av: alexandra

i really like pomelo and mango

2011-02-20 @ 11:54:07
Postat av: amalie

yum fruit. ilooooove mango! and melon.

2011-02-20 @ 12:42:41
Postat av: anastacia

dragon fruit. yum.

what else do you eat on a regular day? your taste in food is perfect.

2011-02-20 @ 12:46:10
Postat av: Gen

Navel oranges and pineapple.

2011-02-20 @ 13:07:47
Postat av: Hilda

Banan är godaste frukten tror jag, sen är Avocado (är det ens en frukt!?) och melon fruktansvärt gott.

2011-02-20 @ 14:09:53
Postat av: mathilde

grapefrukt är min absoluta favorit.

2011-02-20 @ 14:45:05
Postat av: Rhiannon

I love blueberries, strawberries and bananas :)

2011-02-20 @ 14:45:40
Postat av: isabellll


what are you ill to?

2011-02-20 @ 16:04:20
Postat av: Alexander

That is a hard one, but if I had to narrow it down I would say... Raspberry. No, wait, mango! No, cherries! I love almost all fruit, the only ones I don't really like, but still sometimes do, are grapefruit and cantaloupe.

However, if you're being technical, tomatoes are by far my favorite fruit. I could eat them three meals a day.

2011-02-20 @ 17:44:30
Postat av: iris

peach, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, lynches, mango, pomegranate, green grapes... mostly I have my fruits as smoothies, either made by myself or I buy Innocent-pure fruit smoothies which are jätte tasty but I don't know if they sell them on Sweden )??)

2011-02-20 @ 17:56:05
Postat av: nathalie

apelsiner i december! bäst!

2011-02-20 @ 18:45:03
Postat av: Joanna

mangoes <3

2011-02-20 @ 19:10:34
Postat av: cathy

grapes, pineapple, apple, blackberries :)

2011-02-20 @ 20:56:34
Postat av: Elin

Mogen ananas :) om inte bigarråer räknas, fast det är väl mer ett bär.

2011-02-20 @ 21:23:28
Postat av: Anonym

en banan som precis slutat vara för grön är det godaste som finns

2011-02-21 @ 00:38:38
Postat av: Claudia


2011-02-21 @ 16:20:33
Postat av: rebecca

åt så många granny smith äpplen ett tag att jag blev sträv i munnen

2011-02-21 @ 20:30:10
Postat av: sol

all sorts! bananas apples grapes all the berries watermelon melon. i can go all day talking about the fruits haha

2011-02-22 @ 17:27:31
Postat av: Bibi

Hmmm, i think mangoes. They have an old wood smell and taste like honey meets electricity (that really is not the best description, but yea)

2011-02-22 @ 23:14:33
Postat av: 123tourettes

Why do you even ask this? Are there no more interresting questions to be given? It's not like you or anybody else care about what kind of fruit are most commonly eaten. PURE SHIT nobody cares. Find something important or amuzing at least. Fruits are neither

2011-02-23 @ 00:09:03
Postat av: Jimena

123tourettes please learn to write, will you? Thanks xxx.

2011-02-23 @ 03:35:16
Postat av: rick

your blog becomes boring...yours food photos are hugly and not interresting...its a pity..

i leave you for a moment.. best continuation

2011-02-23 @ 06:12:50
Postat av: 123tourettes

Jimena believe me I am learning. English's not my motherlanguage so it's normal I'm making mistakes when using it. I know that in spite of mistakes I've made my message was clear and everyone could understand it so what's the problem?

2011-02-23 @ 12:26:51
Postat av: l1


me like banana

2011-02-23 @ 16:11:23
Postat av: miriam


2011-02-23 @ 16:15:57
Postat av: julia

passionsfrukt! fast de går slut så snabbt :(

2011-02-24 @ 22:42:06
Postat av: miriam

rick- sorry to hear that.. but I can agree with you. don't have any ph to post atm. It will get better (or not-boring hopefully) soon i promies!! heh

tack alla för era frukt-sharings!!

2011-02-24 @ 22:56:50

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