baking BAKING BAKIIIIIING baking bakiiiiiiing baking baking baking  BAKING

guess what?????

it's my own recipe

Postat av: Ellen

Åh, vad vad vad? Paj kanske?

Ätit Flapjacks idag, vill bara frossa i mat, men sitter på jobet och håller på att somna. Handla mat med dig hae varit en grymt mkt bätter sysselsättning.

Var lite nere på väg till jobbet, men en trevlig kollega är tillbaka från sin semester och din finfina bild gjorde mig glad igen. Tack <3 !!!

Kommer du vara i Stockholm 14-22 juli? Då har jag semester.

2011-06-27 @ 16:38:28
URL: http://hemmagjortvin.blogg.se/
Postat av: Fran

eg elskar this blog. in my favs bar.

hope you can come visit mine http://thenewdenimorblack.blogspot.com

2011-06-27 @ 16:58:31
Postat av: Farmona

WHat languages do you speak?

2011-06-27 @ 17:39:54
Postat av: Anna

åå :)

2011-06-27 @ 18:44:07
URL: http://annanosslin.tumblr.com
Postat av: agnes

chokladpaj gissar jag på. för det skulle vara så sjukt jävla gott.

2011-06-27 @ 18:45:07
URL: http://baradans.blogg.se/
Postat av: i

i wanna bake too!! but guess ive already eaten 2much chocolate and raisins and nuts today.

2011-06-27 @ 19:46:15
URL: http://poetrywritingmix.tumblr.com
Postat av: Alina

I love your blog to bits!

2011-06-27 @ 20:50:07
URL: http://goodbyestockholm.blogspot.com
Postat av: sigg

ohhh i want! yumm

2011-06-27 @ 22:28:53
URL: http://siggi-go.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Jean

Hmm. What a bizarre point you have, all this - showing skinny limbs, yet always focusing verbally on goodies and snacks. It certainly attracts those who are, well, attracted to sickening superficiality. The greedy cravings of food that need to be compensated with protruting bones.

Very fashionable these days, indeed.

2011-06-28 @ 00:57:36
Postat av: Margrethe

Jean couldn't have put it better. The stark opposition of the unnaturally skinny body and the constant obsessive focus on food and consumption is unnerving to say the least. Whether it includes a conscious satire on the world of fashionis hard to say, but it is obviously the diary of a very ill person. This is a showcase of the daily life of a bulimia patient and I hope that Miriam, obviously a talented, creative and a very talented individual, gets help as soon as possible.

2011-06-28 @ 02:44:57
Postat av: miriam

i'm not bulimic, i just eat like a horse

and i baked fruit bread


2011-06-28 @ 10:52:52
Postat av: P

Margrethe perfectly right.

I love blog of Miriam, that s why i hope...one day..she'll be aware..

I dont judge I KNOW perfectly..it's personal.

I'd just want to say, take care Miriam*

2011-06-28 @ 14:35:59
Postat av: Miriam

Jean+Margrethe- i don't blame you, i think and know that yr right and i can understand what you mean..

P- thank you

2011-06-28 @ 18:40:37
Postat av: Jean

In no way did I mean to insult, Miriam. I sincerely wish you get better soon. Be well.

2011-07-01 @ 13:08:58

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