just some crappy mobile pics....................

thanks 4 yr sweet comments


Postat av: michelle

noooo i think your photos are awesome. its very interesting to see things from a different perspective.

2011-11-30 @ 00:55:15
Postat av: Lady Vivian Nsiah

that little dude is going to give me nightmares tonight....

2011-11-30 @ 04:13:10
Postat av: miriam

michelle- thank you <3

2011-11-30 @ 08:05:02
Postat av: bär

sorry about spamming you with my two comments yesterday, I thought I'd written that text and then i clicked the button "send comment" and then came this swedish text I didn't understand and then everything was gone, so I thought I weren't enabled to send u a link and that everything was deleted, so i started rewriting the whole lot. sorry

yeah i know it's really sad, and a true story even, which only makes it worse...otherwise i can recommend lars von trier but it's not very happy either, i think i might not watch that many happy movies, cause the thoughtful ones stay with you longer...but mayb you'd like "the dreamers" (it's, i'd say 1/2 happy, 1/2 sad :))

2011-11-30 @ 12:15:11
Postat av: miriam

bär- no worries :) thanks for the tip xxx

2011-11-30 @ 13:43:28
Postat av: nate

hhah ja men alla dina crappy mobilbilder blir alltid så bra sammanflätade

2011-12-01 @ 13:28:03

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