Nov. 28, 2011................................

+ my "new" dr martens från beyond retro (i'll show you them 2morrow)
+ my big buffé brkfst

- everything else.......

how are my dear readers? <3

Postat av: Herta

I overdosed on sweets. But other than that I am moderately satisfied.

2011-11-28 @ 23:28:14
Postat av: Lauren

pretty good thanks but it is hard to get going in the morning! how are you today?

2011-11-29 @ 09:22:06
Postat av: lisa

im studying at a library. taking breaks and reading u'r blog.!

2011-11-29 @ 13:32:58
Postat av: Anonym

are these alexander wang boots?

2011-11-29 @ 13:43:27
Postat av: bär

I really enjoy your blog so much.

YOU made me appreciate all seasons (even winter)

i really have to thank you for that, because I usually would walk around depressed all winter long (they are really tough in berlin too) and now i try as much as i can to see the positive sides of it.

by the way I wanted to recommend you a movie from 1981 it's called "christiane f."

it's set in berlin, when germany was still parted,and has some lovely filmshots


2011-11-29 @ 14:53:07
Postat av: bär

I wanted to thank you for helping me appreciate winter more, i used to hate the tough cold winds, dark days etc. and now i try as good as i can to see the good sides to it too.

Furthermore I wanted to recommend you a movie, it is called "Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo"

it's set in berlin in 1981 when germany was still parted, and contains some lovely film-shots... which i by the way posted a few days ago, so have a peek at my tumblr...

thank you for your blog...bye from berlin bär

2011-11-29 @ 14:59:47
Postat av: Your dear reader

I lovvve yr pictures... And your tekst is so fine to. Magic and mysterious <333 hug hug

2011-11-29 @ 17:13:30
Postat av: miriam

Herta- sounds very nice!

Lauren- i know!! same here hehe... i'm ok

lisa- :)<3

yes its wang, not mine tho!

bär- yr comment made my day!! thank you. i've seen that movie before and i don't wanna see it again, its too sad. i need something cheerful right now

take care love xx

Your dear reader- cute thank you :)

2011-11-29 @ 23:18:20
Postat av: man watches


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