snacky saturday

good night good morning

cuddling with my cat

eating cold chesse sandwiches

chocolate milk


and watching 2 and a half men s9 with ashton kutcher..

have you seen it? if so, what do you think?

i only got 4 words,

much better than expected!!

Postat av: agnes

älskar att jag inte är den enda som är uppe just nu.

2011-10-08 @ 06:23:49
Postat av: Anonym


2011-10-08 @ 08:51:27
Postat av: anna

ååååååå mackor är så underskattat!! ser skitgott ut :D har s9 börjat sändas än??? eller måsta man ladda ner? har varit superspänd p åatt se det med ashton, älskar honom!! speciellt i that 70's show <3<3

2011-10-08 @ 13:19:22
Postat av: anna

im so addicted to müsli with soy milk atm!

ive never watched two and a half men - is it good?

2011-10-08 @ 16:35:03
Postat av: miriam

agnes- hehe, älskar tidigt mornar

anna- yeees it's awesome!!

2011-10-08 @ 17:11:47
Postat av: Lady Vivian Nsiah

well if your expectations of the show were really low then ill agree, but i hated it, I want my sheen Mashine :(

got your email, just was really slow to reply, but its okay.

Yeah thanks, are you maybe up to go for a bit of vintage or whatever shopping tmrw or maybe just being lazy, its so cold right now i don't there walking around.

Ill save your number though and text you mine to. OH and btw do you know where they sell manic panic here? (pleas say you do pretty pleaaassse) Oh well let me know about tmrw, my number is 0760721103

have a nice saturday :)

2011-10-08 @ 21:02:50
Postat av: Lady Vivian Nsiah

ugh it was so shit man i don't like it hahahaha.

Yeah i guess directions might work to, I want to dye my hair PURPLE. My hair isn't that strong at the moment(or for the past 4 years since I dye my hair all the time) so I'm hoping to not really have to bleach it, if so i think i might just go for the live xxl colour in mystic violet....then again I'm insaly bored now and might just about do anything, come to my senses and regret it like a drunken one night stand.

Oh well, what to do :)

2011-10-08 @ 22:21:12
Postat av: Alexander

I've watched it cause my dad watches it. It's funny in a slightly stupid way. Kutcher's really goofy.

I think that they are awful to Jake. I mean, both his parents insult him constantly! Always good for a laugh though.

2011-10-09 @ 05:57:18
Postat av: miriam

alex- hehe true

2011-10-09 @ 08:14:50
Postat av: Anonym

2011-10-09 @ 09:54:34
Postat av: alexandra

i don't watch 2 and a half men but i like ashton kutcher in that 70's show

have you ever watched that 70's show? i love it, it's funny and always makes me smile :)

2011-10-09 @ 15:48:08
Postat av: miriam

alexandra- ohh i love that 70s show!! :)

2011-10-09 @ 16:23:08
Postat av: j. hunnd

vill också ha en katt :C

2011-10-12 @ 20:44:41

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