mag nag

pictures taken with my scanner....(lost my camera....)FUCKfuckfckfuck

morning loves!

i can't understand how people can buy magazines like ELLE or BON!? they are so damn boring!!11 :)
I never buy newspapers but I made two exceptions yesterday heh

do you guys have any favorite magazines?

Postat av: Lina

haha jag prenumererade på elle förut. men kan ju erkänna att jag bara kollade på bilderna hehe.

2011-09-21 @ 11:12:35
Postat av: anna

i agree! i like pop magazine and i-D

2011-09-21 @ 13:12:16
Postat av: Lady Vivian Nsiah

hahaha i hate u know!!!!

2011-09-21 @ 14:51:44
Postat av: Lady Vivian Nsiah

oh i found lithium on vinyl (the single) real nice cover that i baught and some dude just brought in never mind, the rare coloured vinyl (not the rerelease) in blue its still there if u want to get it

2011-09-21 @ 14:53:55
Postat av: Agnes

pigeons and peacocks

2011-09-21 @ 16:48:43
Postat av: alexandra

dazed&confused and i-D are my fav ;)

2011-09-21 @ 17:09:32
Postat av: Alexander

I don't usually by magazines, but I was in a shop the other evening and I was bored so I bought National Geographic, Vogue, and Vanity Fair. I have a subscription that someone gave me to a weekly news magazine. Oh and to a cooking mag

2011-09-21 @ 17:10:24
Postat av: ida

bon is not boring, it's awesome! :D

agree with you on elle tho...

2011-09-22 @ 00:14:23
Postat av: agnes

den bästa tidningen är rum. handlar typ om arkitektur och möbler och lite så, och dem är så fin.

2011-09-22 @ 02:56:13
Postat av: miriam

ida- noo bon is soooo boring :D

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2011-09-23 @ 03:37:20
Postat av: Emelie

Bon is boring if you're not deep into contemporay fashion and art but really fantastic if you are. ELLE is just commercial crap.

2011-09-25 @ 16:46:55
Postat av: Usagi-chan

oh, I totally understand. I´m not much into fashion, I follow my own style.

And I really love reading rock music and science magazines, also some cars magazines :D watching photos of cars relaxes me :D

2011-09-25 @ 18:09:33
Postat av: Elin

Vi brukar ha ett nummer av Cinema liggandes i skolan, den är rätt trevlig.

2011-09-25 @ 18:16:39
Postat av: miriam

Emelie- i don't agree with you on that but ok :)...

elin- tack för tipset!

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2011-09-27 @ 05:47:14

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