more tomorrow



what are yr plans for tonight? tell me!

butter n cheese toast



fuck structure

useless friday...................

until dad surprised me with falafel kebab

what are u doing? XXXX


finger crossed!!!



Jag har en sak som jag vill berätta för er, men jag kan inte. Det har hängt med mig så himla länge nu och blivit en del utav mig, sakta men säkert. Jag vill inte göra någon besviken eller visa mig svagare än vad jag egentligen vet att jag är. Jag vill inte ha någon förståelse eller sympati, jag vill bara upplysa, hjälpa eller ge någoning. Jag vill inte sända ut fel signaler till er. Vissa av er har redan fattat, fått för er och till och med frågat mig men jag har bara avfärdat för att jag skäms. Skäms över mig själv. Jag skäms inte för vad jag är utan för vad jag blivit. Ändå kan jag fortfarande inte erkänna att jag har ett problem. Jag har blivit en del utav problemet. Vi har blivit någonting. Någoning så jävla lågt

I am Boring

brown banana

I eat between 1-2 kg of fruit every day! wah. Tell me.. what's yr favorite fruit/s??

hey bye

say something

evans outfit


popcorn habit

no more micropop!!

since I bought my own popcorn machine last week, I pop every day!!


happy valentines day everyone



one two three evan, haha, hehe, don't ask



pimp myspace

frozen life

red cheeks. ice cold air. long tired days. i wanna sleep through the whole winter and wake up when spring is here..

slow day

eniko + hp + crêpe

peanut butter

sweet and creamy peanut butter in my stomach


new shoes

nya skor! måste sälja dem dock. det står att det är strl 39 men måtten tillhör en 37a! så om du har strl 37 i skor och vill köpa dem så är det bara att maila mig på miriam_assai@

champs 4 ever


okey,what you see is strawberrycoconutalmonsblueberrychocolatenutscaramelizedapplecinnamonrolls

soymilk nite

hello good morning ... I just woke up. drinking soy milk and have bone pains(?)... and im still sick!!!! I have the worst immune system evveer!!

Nigella 4ever

still sick.....watching nigella and eating doughy pancakes + egg noodle soup




love that white tank top!!

yohji yamamoto

see thru

just thoughts

It's scary and funny at the same time to see how people change so fast. Suddenly everyone is dressing black (or white!! OMG), smoking (here comes the funny part!) I still don't get it and will probobly never understand how and why a cigarette give so much coolness or some kind of "status" to young people.  The non smoking generation campaign came a bit too late. I can't relate to my generation. The kids in my age or I mean adult or what do we call them/us? (young people prefer to be called adult when they turn 18) We've built this facade that we began to live by. We are the facade that we came up with. For me, the whole thing feels like a joke, but it's not. The "unique thing" is to fit in. To be like them. To act like them. To dress like them. To talk like them. To do what they do, or at least try.. You sould not say what you think or want anymore. You should just shut up and listen, cover your "flaws" aka things that make you look like you with tons of rubbish aka makeup. Everyone wants to live up to what they think is perfection. They say one thing and then do the opposite. I belive that we have invisible requrements around us that we don't want to raise to the surface. We have requrements on how we should look like and how we want others to looks like. 
People think that you shoulden't take life for granted but I think you do it when you smoke. I belive that it doesen't matter if it's one or eleven minutes of your life that you kill when you smoke, it's the fact that you choose to die earlier, just because, so you can look cool, fit in, etc etc (I think you get what I want to say..)

I must probobly be the most uncool person on this planet right now but I can live with that.

ok bye!

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