macky tacky

still sick

bread butter rollss

less is more, sometimes

sick girl

hi hi hello everyone

im home alone. been inside all day.

right now im watching bad tv + eating left-over chocolate sprinkles and sugar glazed brownies and im SICK AS HELL

kitten love

late niiite

right now......................................

just eaten a fat sugarglazedchocolatedream with vanilla sauce on top

now im goanna attack my soft saffron cake that I baked earlier today

how much do you hate me now??? hah


ps. don't have a camera atm
ps2. new phone new number!

70s boots

skorna är för små för mig!!!
om du bor i sthlm kan vi mötas upp1

right now

cooking for my sister


nutellaa ad beautiful annie leibovitz warm bread melted butter me a summer morning in the woods taken with my cell phone that 70s show



sorry for my (bad) impulsive behavior, let's try again.....



black clouds over me

förlåt. jag orkar inte

Sugar Puffs


8 special supersize sugar and chocolate glazed sprinkles and coconut brownies later


eating saffron buns and uploading photos from today

anguish over school BIG TIME

hell begins tomorrow


fuck you.

right now

peach apricot raspberry yogurt

Siberia, 1989

I hate mondays!!!111

Made the Force be with You

baked the whole morning!! Wish that my star wars saffronbuns tunrned out like these ginerbreads!!!1111
christmas is over and im already thinking about the next one.. my Christmas was the worst....
all I wanted was the cheesy and cozy atmosphere, candles everywhere, gingerbread cookies and saffron buns smell in the whole apartment, GOOD Christmas movies and sticky ugly christmas sweaters

In my head

food enthusiast as I am, I wonder why we have no problems with spending lots of money on expensive designer clothes while we don't care about buying organic food products? People whine and say that "organic food is soo expensive", but your shirt then?

love live this superficial world..

you might look expensive and stylish on the outside but your just cheap on the inside, nice ........

worlds of wisdom from me to you



record store


human skin is hard to live in



peak into my room. what do you think of my homemade lamp?? hehe..

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