raisin girl

any tips on good skin creams or/and home remedies for dry skin??

pink fur

i have so much to tell and show you!!!!


GAH FOOD COMA X 100000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111


morning loves! any friday-plans for today? if so or if not, SHARE!






spring is in the air <3

Not My Funeral

sweet peanut butter friday

finally weekend

I Hate Myself And Want to Die

mår så jävla dåligt

C is for coffee

the clock is 04:51 am

I can hear the birds singing outside in the dark (like in a movie..)

im drinking provamels strawberry soyadrink and looking at our new coffee machine..

im turning eighteen this year so I guess it's time for me to make peace with coffee once and for all

how do you like yr coffee people?

foodresting, I know..............


right now

baking blueberry-carrot-walnut bread

bio organic

you might think "why post pictures of this shit"? ANSWER: cuz pbjam+bread is the best combo ever

happy friday evrone

soy chocolate

finally friday!! i'm celebrating that by going to my favorite cafe

and you?

todays outfit


I need new softpants

bagel obsession

food coma

me and my braid.

I'm in some kind of food coma right now!!! I'll get back to you tomorrow..


jeans hunting


vegan ice cream

bought tons of vegan ice cream yesterday!! tons of photos are coming up soon

any plans for today?

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