stockholm was brighter than me today....

stressed out




my sister love when i mms-bombing her ...... NOT hehh


soy latte

pics from today...........

hey loves

a lazy miriam is born

i don’t care about anything or anyone (except you guys ofc) right now and i love it

mashed potato






just longing for something else


n e g l e c t e d

new dr martens bootzzz...

cheese n butter

i just had to take some screenshots of this beautiful filmed movie










i wanted to tell you guys about my latest addiction, cheese slices stuffed with butter

have yhu evaa tried that b4???????

heh (and bananas, not with butter and cheese tho!! im not that crazy. i will get back to you about the banana-addiction later)

however, i managed to eat 2.3 kg of cheese in less than a week!

I haven't decided if its alot or not...

what i love most about cheese: the texture and the taste.

and i like it melted, hard, rolled, filled......i could go on 4ever

and you don't want that

so i stop here.

love you guys and i hope yr ok! if not, you'll be pretty soon cuz snow+winter+christmas is here in less than 2 months!!

ok not christmas but you know what i mean.

as you may have notice, december is my favorite time of the year.....

i got like butterfliesinthestomachfeelings throughout december.

it's not about the gifts cuz i actually don't get a lot of that. buhu. no. ok. but seriously. 

i think it's the whole waiting-thing that i like AND ofc the snow, the chrsm decorations, the chrsm songs, the chessy chrms movies, the food....

heh i could go on 4ever

and you don't want that

so i stop here.

4 real this time!

love you guys and i hope yr ok!

snacky saturday

good night good morning

cuddling with my cat

eating cold chesse sandwiches

chocolate milk


and watching 2 and a half men s9 with ashton kutcher..

have you seen it? if so, what do you think?

i only got 4 words,

much better than expected!!

hiding me

crappy mobile photos

thinking of dyeing my worn out hair peaks(?)

YEZ OOOOOO0000R NO?_?_?_???_?

take care loves

PS. i read the whole piggy bon mag today to give it one more chance (someone commented last week and said something like "only fashion people understand and like the mag")... so what did little miriam think? AD(S) and AD(S) and so damn boring images and boring and predictable texts AND interviews and i could go on 4eva....... my conclu about bon mag is that it is monotonous and pale, soulless and mainstream..... but it's nothing wrong with that, i mean people obviously like that... and i don't


chocolate oat milk

luxury bkfst this morning...............

6 flatbread chocolate oatmilk hazelnutcream banana 2 weetabix with soy milk

last week, i matched my cat. however, my love was much better at posing than moi hehe

4 sale

selling things here,

not cakes tho ;)


Winter is approaching! cannot wait until the first snow and the ink black days

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