life is unexpected

big things are happening!!

crispy cereals

grab vice mag and take a look at page 98, "table for one" by jerry hsu. awesome pics


först spottloskor och nu möttes jag utav klibbiga snuspåsar på mitt skåp, i guess i have a fanclub at school......trött på skiten

mag nag

pictures taken with my scanner....(lost my camera....)FUCKfuckfckfuck

morning loves!

i can't understand how people can buy magazines like ELLE or BON!? they are so damn boring!!11 :)
I never buy newspapers but I made two exceptions yesterday heh

do you guys have any favorite magazines?


making a gif




haha i look so grose!!!!! sorry

i'm so happy that autumn is here! still longing for winter tho.............

let it die

words are nothing

actions are everything

seeing is nothing

doing is everything

oatly chocolate

pics from ysrday

+++ eating crispy cornflakes with oatly chocolate yum yum and watching a crappy old movie heh

inhale, exhale

a new and heavier miriam.............

photos from today




hi loves.

im working on things right now, im working on,with n for myself

today i've learned that it gets even worse than it already is before it gets better.

i havent been myself these past few months

but things will change

slowly but firmly

I promise

life is a heavy rock right now

but i will make it temporary!


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