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Postat av: Ellen

Ojoj, förlåt inte suttit så mycket vid datorn på länge. Jag vet inte säkert var jag hittade mitt lussekattsrecept, men de blev lite torra iaf. Men detta receptet kan nog vara bra; http://vegania.net/jul.html#lusse

Lycka till!

2011-01-10 @ 13:04:02
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Postat av: llllllll

------------- are you a lonely soul? do you use to walk the streets of stockholm by yourself? do you use to stand infront of the subway rail and think, the three seconds before the subway rushes in at the crowded station, that if you jump, right before the subway comes, and it hits you, no one would ever notice? angry people will damn and curse you for making them late to dinner, do you think that the world would pass by,just like that little voice that says "watch the step between trolley and platform",? do you think that you are a lonley soul, that dosent have a cute, stubborn boyfriend who wont say goodbye before he gets to kiss you three times on your forehead? Do you feel like a lonley soul that dont have a close friend to call the weeks before this stubborn guy shows up to be your boyfriend, the weeks when all you girls do is gossiping about what he wrote in the latest text, what he said when you laid on his floor in the sunrise, how his kisses makes you feel? Do you feel like a lonley soul, just like me? No need. You seems to be a wonderful girl, and if you feel like a lonley soul, i can ensure that one day, this will be this lucky boy, or lucky girl, who will have you as their highest priority in life. ofcourse, i cant be sure. but i hope it ends that way for all of us, all of the lonley souls.

2011-01-10 @ 17:15:24
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Postat av: llllllll

ey, that was not a random comment i post to peoples blogs, it was specially made for you, darl.

2011-01-10 @ 18:19:35
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Postat av: miriam

lllll- thank you. I can recognize myself in what ur writing

take care

2011-01-10 @ 18:40:32
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Postat av: rebecka

laktosintolerant? so am i. eller gluten. eller gravid. ao ao ao

2011-01-11 @ 22:24:45
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Postat av: rebecka

ah! det är bra. så mycket godare i många fall också - som med soyghurt.

2011-01-12 @ 16:15:57
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