friday today!!

and the sun will be shining all day here in Stockholm!

hope you have a great day xo

Postat av: Mia

Det är trevligt när det är soligt ute :)

Postat av: lo

who is the person in the photo? boy/girl?

2011-05-20 @ 11:24:19
Postat av: anina

can you please tell me who is this girl!

2011-05-20 @ 13:21:51
Postat av: 0408pm

so cool. but why are you guys always sitting on the street?

2011-05-20 @ 13:43:29
Postat av: Anonym

2011-05-20 @ 14:41:35
Postat av: Ambrosia

I know that that person is your sibling.

2011-05-20 @ 16:16:04
Postat av: r

You use to post photo of this girl. Your friend i suppose... never tell her name...


2011-05-20 @ 21:02:06
Postat av: adèle

...her legs...

i like this girl, very fragile..


2011-05-20 @ 21:06:29
Postat av: miriam

whaat? no. and no AND no.

its a guy, his name is evan!!

2011-05-21 @ 09:19:36
Postat av: Anonym

2011-05-22 @ 10:37:32
Postat av: Anonym

har killen någon blogg?

2011-05-30 @ 22:18:13

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