sorry that i'm not one of those perfect-dinnerwfriends-busybusy-party-haveaperfectbfriend-fashionfashion-colurfulnails-perfectoutfits kind of blogger

just sick of it all

sick of this


spring is btw such a nice and beautiful season

I just wish that the sun would give me happy energi

right now it gives me the opposite

Postat av: jimena

I think most of us like your blog precisely because you're not that kind of blogger. <3

I wish the sun was shining here, it has been raining non-stop for the past two weeks, it doesn't even feel like spring! :(

2012-04-28 @ 10:29:50
Postat av: m

hello- please dont compare yourself to other blogs/people- you have other, more important priorities such as your health, happiness && life! dont let their "lives" (you can never say for sure whether what they show is completely true-to-life,, we all have our ups&downs but we tend to only show our ups to the public) make your life seem insignificant in comparison.

keep up the great work c:

2012-04-28 @ 10:52:58
Postat av: Maike

that's why i like your blog so much :)

2012-04-28 @ 16:23:58
Postat av: Anonym

Please promise you´ll never be a perfect-dinnerwfriends-busybusy-party-haveaperfectbfriend-fashionfashion-colurfulnails-perfectoutfits kind of blogger!!! and remember that life sucks!! It´s nothing brong about that.

2012-04-28 @ 19:22:03
Postat av: nico

sorry for spelling wrong with B, english is not my mother tongue.

2012-04-28 @ 20:49:12
Postat av: Lady

Call me now!!! 0760721103. Delete this after you see this.

2012-04-28 @ 21:39:02
Postat av: Lady

Ps. Perfect boyfriends are. Guys are pane in general!!! All I news is a poster of micheal fassbender, bottle of whisky and my bloody valentine loveless playing on repeat.

Ci end hahaha.

I have no life that's why all my outfit posts are in bed because I never leave it.

2012-04-28 @ 22:47:06
Postat av: lotte

in my opinion you're a perfect blogger. hope things will turn out well and that you'll be happy soon, because you really deserve it. hugs

2012-04-29 @ 00:36:55
Postat av: Anonym


2012-04-29 @ 10:22:59
Postat av: Carol

I know how you feel, and I'm glad you're not like that, you're unique, love your blog the way it is

2012-04-29 @ 21:35:11
Postat av: Miriam

thanks everyone for your kind words! means so much to me <33 love you all!

2012-04-30 @ 08:10:16

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