Me + Blackberry Vision

fantastic lamp!!!!

nicolas formichetti skull ring

crazy snake acne sandals from s/s 2011(?) must go back to aa and try them on!

i'm gonna show you what i bought on acne archive asap!

Postat av: Anja

underbar lampa!

2012-02-18 @ 11:41:54
Postat av: lady vivian

oh how much where the snake sandals? and if u bought the acne avalanches I'm returning mine.....

2012-02-18 @ 12:40:58
Postat av: miriam

anja- jaa!!

lady- if i remember right, around 1700 sek!! and as i said before, i bought the acne avalanches heeeh:)

2012-02-18 @ 15:39:24
Postat av: lady vivian

hahaha bitch!!!!

urgh, then i guess there going to have to go back :(

I wanted the cute biker skirt anyways :P

2012-02-18 @ 15:48:39
Postat av: tiffany silver

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2012-03-20 @ 05:49:23

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