sleeping problems..........................

I ponder too much on life


Postat av: Marc A.

I know, what you mean.

Would be very nice to have a small button to switch of thinking... could save much of sleep ;)

2012-05-02 @ 00:47:27
Postat av: Miriam

Marc- ahh I need that button hehe

2012-05-02 @ 07:38:50
Postat av: Marc A.

;) if you find this somewhere... give me the link, plz

Had an eye on the timline... 2007... don't know, how long I know your blog, but I remember some blue tights and AA-socks... must be loooong ago :)

2012-05-03 @ 00:21:41
Postat av: Miriam

Marc- haha aw okey

yes that was a long time ago :) but i still wear them, i just don't take pictures of it

2012-05-03 @ 07:34:25

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